What is this project?

This website contains different books designed by children for children. At the moment the books we have available (you can see them here) are in both Haitian and English, creating a cultural exchange between the children of both countries. We hope to expand this project to include other languages and cultures! Please join us in this effort!

"Mother Tongue Books" can be created by anyone who wishes to participate. Click here for contacts, details, Lesson Plans, and a list of translators we recommend.

This website is sponsored by Basic Science Partnership (BSP), a Middle school Out-reach Program of Harvard Medical School. Collaborating with Universal Learning Centre (ULC) and The Matènwa Community Learning Center (MCLC) BSP has begun international outreach as well. All programs are non-profit organizations. To learn more, participate or donate to any of these organizations, please visit their websites.

For further information about that project, please click here!